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Dr. K. Ramakrishnan – Chairman, a vibrant person filled with dynamism is a shining and definite role model for the budding engineers of this institution. A production engineer with B.E degree from Annamalai University, Tamil Nadu, he was brought up with a vision to make this rural pocket as a hub of technocrats.

His ardent faith in discipline and hard work has been winning him success one after the other in all his ventures. He has high aims and lofty ideals to secure a worthy place for this college amongst the renowned colleges in India and abroad.

As an accomplisher, he is a role model not only to his administrative staff and faculties but also to his students as well. Being a sports person,he wanted to hone the interest of the students in sports by providing state of the art infrastructure facilities in the campus.

He had been a champion of TIES during his college days. Dr. K. Ramakrishnan is one of the three eminent personalities of the Anna University study team that visited the Canadian Universities in 2006.

His matchless interest in imparting quality-engineering education elevated the college to a prominent position among the several engineering colleges in Tamilnadu.


Education has to be taken to the common people; it has to be rooted in a new pedagogy that fosters innovation and leadership in each individual. The college seeks the continual development of students’ sense of engineering in the world.

The institute not only endeavors to enrich academic pursuit of its stakeholders, but also provide an environment to explore, discover and nurture their true potential. The institution has a strong determination and an unshakable belief in students to conquer the zenith of success.

We undertake to meet your special needs and turn your career aspirations into profitable and practical realities.


Our core values have been recognized as the core values that should underpin how Institute conducts every aspect of what we do.